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Soccer Heads 2

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Soccer Heads 2 is as the name implies a soccer-based singleplayer game. The goal of the game is to win over your opponent by scoring more goals then he has. Each player has one goal that they need to protect while they try to score on the opponent’s goal. You play the game by moving a big-headed character back and forth while jumping and kicking. There is also an application for local two players if you want to play with your friends.

The game starts with you picking a team. There are twenty teams to choose between and all of them are from Premier League. After that, you will meet your first challenger. You have one minute to beat him before the game is over and the next one starts. You will earn three points for every win, one for every draw and zero if you lose. In total there are forty games in the season you need to play. So if you are on top of the leaderboard after playing all the games then you have won the game.

They have added a lot of special things in this version of Soccer Heads 2 that is very important for the game. The first thing is that they have added a feature which lets you upgrade stats on the player for in-game money. So each time you win or draw you will get money to spend on upgrades. Some examples of the sorts of upgrades you can obtain are higher jumping, faster sprinting or backtracking and better kicks.

Another similar feature is Boosts. Boosts are small bubbles that give you either advantages or limitations when you hit it with the soccer ball. This makes the Soccer Heads 2 game harder and more complicated since there is over fifteen different once. So be careful! The gameplay alone is fast-paced and relies on the player being able to read where the ball is going. It is smooth with a slick graphic making it a joy to play.

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